Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kiera Sick Today

This will be quick: Kiera was a little sick today. It took most of the day to get her back up to snuff and was a little stressful for Jer and I, but we handled it, and she seems better now. We were at 6 liters O2, suctioning frequently, we bumped her vent rate from 20 to 24, her heart rate was in the 180's (normal for her is about 140's awake), and I ran extra nebs and Mucomyst every 3 hours. With none of this bringing her comfort, we ended up changing her trach and changing out her vent circuits. After that, she finally fell asleep and woke up with her heart rate back down and we got her O2 down to 4 liters and rate down to 22. We'll try getting back to 3 liters at rate of 20 tomorrow if she seems okay.

Here's hoping the night goes well.


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