Monday, August 17, 2009

Blue's Clues Party at the Park

Some 3rd Birthday Party Pictures

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kiera is going for the BIG 3!

It hardly seems possible that my former 1.5 pounder is 3 years old today, and at the same time, it feels like 3 years has been 10! We had a very busy day today which appropriately began with a doctor's appointment. In fact...she was in the exam room at the EXACT time she was born. :) Her "kid party" is Saturday, but with some family in town, we decided to go to the zoo and aquarium and follow it with dinner at the Independence Grill (THE VERY BEST RESTAURANT IN ALBUQUERQUE) and a birthday cake. However, Kiera fell asleep at dinner since we had skipped naptime, so she actually hasn't seen the cake yet or opened presents. Kiera only took part in the aquarium portion of the bio park trip. I have to say that today she was the most interactive with the fish as I have ever seen her. She definitely engaged in looking at them and seemed like such a big girl. Her first instinct when introduced to the Ray and Shark pool, with the very clear sign not to put hands in the water, was to attempt to reach over the wall and put her hand in the water. That's my girl!

Here are some pics. I will update again this weekend after the BIG Blues' Clues Party. Recognize the hat? I covered the Sherbet Bucket that she likes so much.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kiera FINALLY trying CPAP (3yrs old next week!)

So I will add a funny picture to this post as soon as I locate the other camera. Kiera had a great appointment Monday, and she is on short 30 minute CPAP trials twice a week, and we are doubling the time each week. This is BIG for us. It doesn't mean any equipment changes or anything at this point, but what we get to do is drop the rate on the vent to ZERO twice a day. She still receives pressure support and oxygen but all the breathing is her own during these trials. Dr. Glasser hopes that by Halloween we might have Kiera OFF THE VENT during the day! (Of course, barring any serious illnesses).

In addition, we have some big changes to be announced in a future post. More later. Gotta check my spaghetti on the stove.

Okay, I'm back from correcting a few problems. Kiera chewed a hole in her g-tube extender and was "feeding the floor." I did experiment with something, and she is actually more willing to open her mouth for a syringe than for a spoon, so I gave her 2 cc's of milk orally and then tried 2 cc's of baby food via syringe. It actually went pretty well. Hmm.

So here is a funny picture of Kiera...

We can't crate train a dog, but we can crate train our kid.

She hasn't yet figured out how to climb out.