Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sick at Thanksgiving.

Creating works of art one week later.She's a tough cookie.
Kiera is becoming aware of the pictures on the page and trying to color inside the lines. Very impressive. She will spend an hour at a time at the table coloring without interruption or direction.

A teensy weensy step in the feeding drama...

So I have had one of those "safe feeders" in my cabinet of failed attempts to get Kiera to eat which I haven't messed with in over a year, I suppose. Kiera has become quite adept at licking cheetos and crackers and will stick her fingers in my drink and lick them, so I thought we might revisit the safe feeder. For those who are unfamiliar this looks like a pacifier handle with a little bet basket to put food in that the child sucks on to strain the food into their mouth. I filled it with some of my very sweet mashed sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving, and she actually spent about 10 minutes licking it and mashing it on her face. She got a few good tastes out of it and now has a sweet potato covered face. Very cute, and it looks like I might be able to add this to her "feeding" repertoire such as it is.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kiera home and back to the weaning process...

Sorry about the delay. Kiera ended up spending the whole Thanksgiving break in the PICU. We came home Sunday, and life was crazy. I steam cleaned my downstairs carpet, decorated, and did some Christmas shopping while she was enjoying her SPA RESORT stay at the hospital with the world's most expensive babysitter. Once home, we were still on nebulizers every 3 hours around the clock, and it took a few more days to get her back to a closer to normal state. She is on increased pressure support, so I am not sure how much of a set back that is in our weaning process. In fact, we have done no CPAP trials since home, but we follow up with the doc on Tuesday. I am in the crunch time teaching where kids suddenly panic and realize that the F they have had for the last 16 weeks may, in fact, be their permanent grade if they don't turn in their work, so every day has been hectic. I will be SOOOO glad in two weeks when I can finally take a break. Of course...then the restaurant will need me to see what I can get done on our books for taxes. Being supermom can definitely be wearing.