Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A-Okay Doctor Day

Busy day, and Jer got it all done with the nurse while I was at work. It began with an o-dark-thirty (7:30AM) opthalmology appointment. Kiera's strabismus (lazy eye) may need a second surgical adjustment, but not unless she is scheduled for another surgery where he will go in at the same time. She has slight nearsightedness, but no need for correction at present. Then after rushing home for her 1 hour with her pre-school teacher, and a 100th viewing of The Little Mermaid, Kiera went to her 2:30 echo at the cardiologist...which she passed with flying colors so that the cardio guy says she is boring and that he doesn't want to see her. That means, pulmonary hypertension is still undetectable since stopping her sildenafil months ago. We'll see if that means she will stop another one of her meds, lasix. That would at least be one less thing during am and pm meds.

Kiera is currently doing great on CPAP while awake and with a vent rate at night or during naps. Her pulmo appt is Nov 6, so we'll see what the next step is. She is scheduled for an H1N1 shot on Friday. During most waking moments, Kiera walks in circles around our 1st floor with nurses or anybody available following busily behind with the ventilator et al. We are busy, busy, and I am pooped from teaching by day and watching her by night. I am definitely glad that I chose the middle school position over a high school or YDDC position, if for any reason other than the later start of my work day. We had a 7:30 dept meeting last week and a 7:30 am staff meeting yesterday, but generally school starts at 8:22 giving me the added time I need to be there with bells on (or at least one to two cups of coffee). If I had to do the 7:30 thing every day these days, I am pretty sure I would be jello.

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