Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Cruising Along"

This wil be quick...I have been so busy it is difficult to have time for everything. Probably a year ago I bought Kiera a ride-a-long toy at our local kids' stuff thrift store for $7. At the time, her legs were too short to reach the ground while sitting on it, but I thought she could use it to walk. Recently, after growing a bit and learning to walk, she has learned to push herself on the car and steer. It's a Winnie the Pooh vehicle with lots of bells and whistles and she loves to express her "Road Rage" by honking her horn the whole time. I am so glad I didn't give up on it. She is so cute, and it helps her break up her secluded indoors day.

Friday we went down on pressure support a smidge. She is back on CPAP while awake and a rate of 10 when asleep. Her pressure support is currently 12. Next will be 9 and then 6. Once we are at 6, Dr. Glasser says we can try an HME with just oxygen (I assume while awake only). I am not sure on a timeline, but I'd like to guess that maybe by Christmas we could have some ventilator free photographs to post. With all the toys she's accumulated for "therapeutic reasons" being rid of her ventilator is really the only Christmas gift she needs. We'll see. All depends on whether or not Kiera gets sick.

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K said...

Yeah!! That is awesome news on the vent.

And it is still so interesting to me to compare the different protocols the doctors use in weaning them off.