Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kiera's is being granted a Wish!

Rio Grande Gorge
Kiera's Room
Longest Roadtrip to Scottsdale
Loving Spray Parks
River in Taos
Soda Dam
1st Carousel Ride at Cottonwood Mall
8th Birthday Party Brave theme with archery contest
As most of my friends and family are aware, I have transitioned to posting most family updates on Facebook. I am posting a quick update and year in review now because we are so excited that Kiera is receiving a Wish for a vacation to Disneyworld! We have prepped all summer (as seen in the pictures I have posted)by taking shorter trips to Taos and Scottsdale (the farthest we've gone with her in 8 years) in order to determine logistics of long distance travel with Kiera due to her oxygen and medical needs, and are now taking a big leap of faith to get her on an airplane to see her favorite princesses in Disneyworld and take her to see the ocean for the first time. In total this has probably taken half the year, lots of trial runs, and tons of phone calls to plan. We wouldn't be able to give this experience to Kiera without Make A Wish and their sponsors, and we are beyond grateful!

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