Friday, May 11, 2007

It's A Date (we hope!) July 9!

We met with the docs times three, a couple of nurses, and the discharge planners: and if everything goes ok Kiera comes home on July 9!!!

So the fine print: Kiera has to do well on the home ventilator for about 2 months. The home vent is akin to a propeller plane, when she's been jetting around on the hospital's "jet airplane" of vents. In otherwords, Kiera can psych out the vent just by not breating consistentally. So there is a very good chance she will move that date back.

Kiera is smiling all the time, she loves the kisses and blow-faces on her neck, and played peek-a-boo with mom today. She is responding more to her surroundings, swatting at her dangling toys and is still facsinated by her "scary sheep" mobile.

Therese and I were at the hospital last night until 11pm... Therese arguing with the nurse about the causes for Kiera's heartrate (bradys), and then her oxygen. Today the docs took her off the home vent, just in case it was the cause--as much as it disappoints us, as we don't know if this means her date is pushed back only 3 days after we were given it--Dr Glasser, her pulminologist warned that often babies will go on and off as they work their way up to the lower tech home vent. So, it's not a setback (it's's's'snotit'snotit'snot!), and we hope Dr Glasser gets her back up to speed when he gets back from vacation on Monday.
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