Monday, September 24, 2007

Had our meeting...

No earth shattering news that we didn't know already from Cincinnati. Kiera's having a rough day today. She is working hard to breath and had a fever of 104.4. We are ordering an even longer trach tube in an attempt to get Kiera's airway under control. We need to have her "less unstable" or more predictably unstable. She responds well to her current nebulizer treatments but starts to have problems about 2 hours after receiving them. They had been dropped back to every 4 hours, but are now being given every 3 hours again. We'll see if they decide to go to every 2 as I suggested.

For case you mistakenly think you should ask...Kiera will be in the hospital for a LONG TIME. If this is not clear enough, envision the possibility of her 2nd birthday at Rachel's Courtyard. For sure, no one is coming home before she's at least on an LTV home vent. That's far off right now. Maybe she'll come home sooner, and we can be pleasantly surprised. We appreciate all the well wishes and inquiries as to her homecoming, but truly, please don't ask. I think I had a dream last night where I was still explaining to someone that, "No, she's not home yet." Believe me, when she's home, you'll know.


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