Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sleeping it off...

Today was an eventful day for Kiera, but she is doing fine right now. She has been having trouble with her stomach prolapsing through her G-tube stoma. It has progressively gotten worse, and today the doctors decided it finally warranted doing something. Fun part is that the experts have never seen this before. Leave it to Kiera! She likes to make roads where there are none. They sedated and paralyzed Kiera and will leave her that way till Monday. The surgeon pushed the stomach tissue back in her tummy and adjusted the balloon to try to keep the g-tube close to her tummy. She will heal while she's sedated and paralyzed so she doesn't push it out again. We will have to see if that is enough to keep it in or if they will have to stitch it tighter. She may push it back out when she wakes up. We'll see. In the meantime, she sleeps.

It was a sad day in the PICU, however. Her fellow patient, who was born one week before her and had very similar problems to Kiera, passed away early this morning during a brady episode. He was a sweet baby. We are so sad for his family, and we are probably suffering some kind of survivor syndrome. It is impossible not to realize that it could have been Kiera. It could still BE Kiera. Things turn on a dime, and we have to enjoy every minute we have with Kiera so that if we come to the end, we have no regrets. Please pray for Kiera, that she starts improving and gets closer to coming home.


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