Friday, February 13, 2009

Chipping away at that ventilator...

Kiera had a great day at the pulmonologist and GI docs today. Kiera colored some valentine's for her doctors and was all dressed up, in fact, in the same t-shirt I bought for last valentine's day. It actually fit better this year because she isn't puffy from steroids. She did show a little mid-riff though. The hussy. We reduced her ventilator rate to 12 from 14. When she gets to 8 we can start trying CPAP, which looks like spring. When asked I have been telling people she might have her trach till she's 5 yrs old, but the pulmo thinks she might even get it out by the time she's 4. I asked because I wanted to see if I was being realistic or not. Her GI doc was pleased and says kids after 2 usually grow about an inch or 2 each year and 2-4 pounds and that we don't have to see him for 6 months. Kiera's playing with her toy kitchen right now and eating the play food. Oo...gotta go. A friend's here. I'll write more later.

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