Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kiera in Hospital...I'm pooped.

Sorry I can't stay on long tonight. I really feel totally and utterly drained.

Kiera had to be admitted yesterday afternoon after a fever induced seizure at home. She seems on the mend, but we are waiting on the results of her EEG and blood and trach cultures. Hopefully, once diagnosed we can treat her at home. She is definitely unhappy to be back in the hospital. She woke up there after the ambulance transport, looked around, and just cried and cried. The doc said the seizure wipes out their short term memory, so she probably didn't remember the event and didn't even know why she was there.

In addition to every other stressor in my life, I got hit by a speeding camera on the way home from the hospital tonight. I was probably going 40 (while lecturing a teenager on why he should do homework) in a 35 that I believe is only 35 in order to trap people into collecting money for the city. I want to just hand them my arm and dare them to get in line and take it through a vein.

Then I came home to a scorched teapot of cider I had left on LOW for showing our house and now have a smoky burnt smell to deal with. At least my brother caught it when I sent him earlier, and I still have a house...and a brother. I'm sure that would have mixed well with the oxygen tanks.

I am so done.


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Sarah said...

Hey, I've been thinking about you guys and hope all is well. Update when you can :)