Sunday, May 24, 2009

Much improved...

Kiera is much improved after almost a week of steroids and antibiotics. Of course, she's getting a little puffy now. We may even venture out to the butterfly pavilion tomorrow. I hope so. I'm going stir crazy...especially with the rain the last few days and no relief since Thursday to get me out of the house. The big epiphany is that I think her ventilator heater was malfunctioning, and it's possible that she was getting cold air in her lungs for a few days even though the heater was reading at a higher temp so maybe that is what got her sick? We changed out the temp probe and heater wire Friday, and that seems to have done the trick. She's back down on 3 liters (from 4) of O2, and can probably go to 2 1/2 today. I'll try when she naps. We nudged her rate back to 14 (we had bumped it just a little to 16 when she was sick in a desperate attempt to try everything). She's back on full feedings, although we're running them a little slower but titrating up to our regular rate. I may even be able to stretch her nebs to 6 hours. I'm attempting right now, so we'll see how it goes. The last few nights of 4 hours nebs caught me out of practice. All in all, this was just a brief sickness, but we're back on track.

Have a great Memorial Day, and Eat at Independence Grill! (Montgomery and Louisiana)

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Mom2Juliana said...

Glad to hear Kiera is doing better. You are such an inspiration. You always tough it out with a smile and an extremely positive attitude.