Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Post for the Benefit of Dr. Crow

Okay, Miss Monitoring Kiera's Blog and her Mommy's Actions Daily,
I was wondering how Kiera got so sick in just one day, and now I realize it is because Dr. Crow was bugged that I wasn't posting more frequently. I wasn't posting much since we've basically been staying home in order to avoid getting sick. (Oh...and most spare time has been spent running business and getting high schoolers prepped for finals) Now that she's sick...I have a reason to post...and, therefore, please Dr. Crow. Happy? :) Of course, she would have known Kiera was sick last night if she had accepted my facebook friend any good doctor would for her patient/stalker. :)

So, Kiera went from stellar, better than she's ever been for a straight month, to pretty darn sick overnight. She was a little junky Monday night after throwing up on Sunday for the nurse. I'm wondering if she aspirated. Otherwise, she really hadn't done anything to be exposed to anything other than play outside in the backyard for an hour on Sunday and play with her cousins here at home Sunday night. Drat! Anyway, she spent the day Tuesday with a running like a faucet runny nose and needing a lot of trach suctioning which then added a cough later in the afternoon followed by a vomitting spell over about a hour and a low temp. Then early this morning (4AM) she spiked another temp (about 100 on my temporal themometer). I gave her ibuprofan and an extra neb because her lungs sounded pretty diminished. The temp climbed to 103 rectally by 7 am when we gave tylenol and called the Big Gun (her pulomonolgist), begged his forgiveness for the playful message I left him Monday about how well she was doing and "demanding" and ventilator rate deduction much like one might leave a ransom message, and now she is back on a steroid course and inhaled antibiotics, along with more frequent nebs every 4 hours.

This post should now appease Dr. Crow's curiousity, and I expect that if we were to end up admitting her or something, that I would be able to assume that the PICU would no longer need to take a medical history or admission report or whatever they call it, but just refer to my blog and save us both time. I should just be able to call, say "hi, we're on our way," and the PICU will respond, "Yes, Kiera's suite is ready and waiting. We read the update." :)


Emily said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by the fact that every single time we're admitted we must go over the entire medical history again. Quite frankly after 3yrs and well over 15 hospital admissions, not to mention the 8mos in the NICU, I just can't keep it all straight. This time was incredibly frustrating because we had not even been hom 72hrs before we were right back here and what's the first thing they want to do, "go over her medical history"!!!

Kiera Rose said...

Fun huh? Actually, on the last admit in March there was a new doctor in the unit. Up until that point, I usually just had to go over current medications. It was weird having someone who didn't know us. Dr. Crow is Kiera's primary intensivist when we are in the PICU, and she's very sweet. She likes to read the posts and told my nurse the other day to get on me for not updating the blog lately, so I was messing with her today. Hopefully, she know me well, and knows I am teasing her. :)

ellie crow said...

Hi Wright Family!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been laughing boisterously for a full 4 minutes. The cats when scrambling away when I guffawed at this post. Thanks for the laugh. The reason I need regular posts is because I love, love, love your humor. Oh...and we had the myspace space and I had a fight. But myspace won't let me's all a big conspiracy.
So sorry my laughter is at Kiera's expense. Drag! Hang in there...and no admits before Friday when I'm back on service.