Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Emotional Day

Kiera is keeping me busy, and darn it was hot out today. I took her in the backyard to wear her out a little (which worked), but I think the heat wore me out first. She came back in and slept for 2 hours or so. Voila!

Anyway, I had her IEP today to transition her from Early Intervention Therapies to getting her services through the public schools homebound system. It was kind of funny, and probably brought on by some early morning false equipment alarms and ventilator switch out at 4am which left me not well rested; but when the lady running the meeting explained that we would be planning the "transition for Kiera to APS now that she will be 3yrs old...blah, blah, blah" I started crying. Everyone in the room, except Kiera's current EI speech therapist was looking at me stumped as to what she might have said to make me cry. Anyway, it just kind of hit me that my BABY couldn't be going "to school" even if she really isn't "going" anywhere. Sitting there in an IEP, a very familiar setting for me as a teacher and step parent, was so unreal.

So my conclusion is that if I can't hear the word "transition" in reference to Kiera without crying, that I am pretty much going to be useless for all recitals, concerts, first communion, graduations, wedding, etc from here on out. She's going to need to learn to hand her mother a box of Kleenex before any tying her shoe, for instance. Oh...and God help any kid who ever bullies her or makes her cry.

I'm a mess.


Raising6inNM said...

Hey, I'm reading here with my Isibeal on my lap, who is getting very upset at the idea that I refuse to believe that the cute baby in the picture is actually NOT Isibeal herself..."NO! DAT ME LITTLE MOM! DAT ME CUTE LITTLE BABY MOM!"

Angela said...

Kiera's first IEP and she's not even 3? She's way ahead of herself there! Most people wait until late elementary school so you have an advanced child there. My point is you don't know what Kiera's path will turn out to be. She is a bright child who just needs more lung capacity. The next 2 years of development will be huge for both of you. Just "sit back and see what unfolds" so to speak ;) I'm not that big of a fan of nursery school and being a teacher Kieara will not fall behind anyone by learning her alphabet and numbers and colors and shapes because will teach her. Not someone else. You take care of her better than anyone and you will teacher better than anyone. 'Nuff said? Love you guys!

Kiera Rose said...

She HAS to transition in order to receive her speech and physical therapy. They will still be providing the therapies at home to keep her secluded from infection risks and such, but the state won't pay for home therapies when they are available through the school once a child turns 3. I am as anti-pre-k as they get...but unfortunately this is what happens when the government runs health care. :)