Saturday, December 5, 2009

A teensy weensy step in the feeding drama...

So I have had one of those "safe feeders" in my cabinet of failed attempts to get Kiera to eat which I haven't messed with in over a year, I suppose. Kiera has become quite adept at licking cheetos and crackers and will stick her fingers in my drink and lick them, so I thought we might revisit the safe feeder. For those who are unfamiliar this looks like a pacifier handle with a little bet basket to put food in that the child sucks on to strain the food into their mouth. I filled it with some of my very sweet mashed sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving, and she actually spent about 10 minutes licking it and mashing it on her face. She got a few good tastes out of it and now has a sweet potato covered face. Very cute, and it looks like I might be able to add this to her "feeding" repertoire such as it is.

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