Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wow! I missed March!

Sorry guys. This has been the most crazy time in our lives. After a year and a half of trying to launch our restaurant and having given it everything we had to give, we had to call it quits on March 15th and chalk it all up to bad timing. So, now we are in transition. Jer is job hunting for the first time in 16 years. I'm trying to stay sane teaching middle school and finish out the school year. Hopefully, Zane will be graduating high school in the spring. Mitch...we love Mitch. :) And Kiera is on her wellness roller coaster. She spent the last week pretty sick and finally seemed to turn a corner on Sunday, so hopefully the virus has passed, and without a hospital trip. Although, she has been on nebulizers every 3 hours 24/7, and I am pooped and in desperate need of night nursing relief and SLEEP. I was up at 3am and 5:45 having only gone to bed at 12:45 in the first place. There is not enough coffee to make me function today. We aren't, yet, back to her lower vent settings to try CPAP again, which is disappointing. But hopefully, now that it is getting warmer we will get past cold season and start getting closer to getting off the stupid ventilator. It's getting to the point where she weighs as much as the vent, and the trip up and down the stairs is tiring.

On the fun side, we added a new rescued silver standard poodle to our backyard brood. He was a mess, but after the groomer trip yesterday, he has cleaned up quite nicely. I am trying to change his name to "Pascal." He is 11 months old. Hopefully the name, "Charles," hasn't stuck too much yet. We'll see. I just can't call him Charles, and Pascal fits with my French mathematician theme. Descartes has gotten very good at controlling himself around Kiera. He purposely walks around the ventilator rather than between Kiera and the ventilator and, thus, over her circuit. He also seems very conscious of her needs when she starts having problems or the ventilator alarms. It's quite cool. Both dogs are really enjoying having eachother to play with.

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