Monday, July 5, 2010

"HAPPY" Independence Day!

Kiera was leagues better with the sounds and festivities of Independence Day this year. She did pretty well last year, too. If you recall, 2 years ago she just cried and cried over the noise. She has been getting better with the choir at church, as well. For the louder fireworks she just covered her ears but there was no crying at our house this year. We have a great view of the whole city, so while we set off very tame fountains and such, we were able to enjoy all the illegal fireworks around town from our front porch without taking part in their purchase. :) They served as a great backdrop for our show. This bodes well for later this month. We bought tickets to see Beauty and the Beast (The Musical) at Popejoy since Kiera loves Beauty and the Beast so much. Hopefully, she will enjoy the songs so much that any noise from applause will be overlooked on her sensory board. :) It was quite a trick to try to get seats where we could park the stroller with all her medical equipment. The wheelchair seating would only allow us 2 seats, so we would have had to split up. I really felt like making a little stink over equal access, but Jerry managed to get us an aisle seat on the wing, so we'll make due and hope for the best. That's all for now. I've got some grading to do.