Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kiera's First Broadway Musical (in ABQ that is)

We ventured out last Sunday and took Kiera to see the Beauty and the Beast musical at our local performing arts venue. It was quite a logistic adventure with limited handicapped seating, of course only in the expensive seats. We opted for regular seats since there weren't 3 together in wheelchair, and Jer went to great lengths to get us aisle seats with the understanding that we could keep kiera's stroller with the vent and equipment on it in the aisle. However, upon arrival, the aisle was clearly too narrow for that with fire codes, so we ended up transferring her equipment to one seat and had her alternate laps to seat in which actually worked out quite well. We silenced alarms for the show so that she wouldn't alarm if she cried or laughed or yawned (always fun alarms). Since she's been feeling pretty well, we haven't had to suction much so we got away with suctioning only before the show, during intermission, and after. Honestly, I think her favorite part was the walk around the lobby during intermission. She did seem to enjoy the show since she absolutely adores Beauty and the Beast. It was a good FIRST show to take her too since she knows the whole movie and whole soundtrack. She has sensory issues with applause and cheering, so she did cover her ears and cry a bit during applause, but she recovered quickly since it would be followed by a song she liked. She also wasn't scared during scary parts since she knows the outcome already. She seemed a bit "concerned" during a wolf chase and when the beast gets injured, but you could tell that she knew things would be okay. Kiera probably would have done even better had I been successful at making her take a nap earlier in the day as I had tried. We had preferred a matinee, but hadn't been able to find acceptable seats during that show. Luckily, I did come prepared with pacifier in tow for coping with all the input. If only the trumpet had toned it down a bit...he was a little over the top. :) All in all, I really enjoyed being able to take her to the show. Her awed stare at the stage during the opening sequence was just priceless!


The Hull Munchkins said...

What a fun family night out!! I can only imagine how challenging it must be to go out with a vent and all the other paraphernalia that you need for a little one.

It made me smile to hear Kiera enjoyed the show! Looking at your blog and seeing pictures of her as a tiny one, and reading a little about what she's been through makes events like this one even more special I'm sure.

She seems like she is doing well developmentally! I hope her lungs continue to grow and strengthen too.

joven said...

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Evelyn Jackson said...

I just wanted to drop a line. I stumbled upon your blog and had to stop to read some of it. It is very close to home for me as my son was also born at 28+1 and 3.1lb. He had some of the more minor problems that Keira has had to face. Though he was only in hospital for 2 months and an extra month at home with oxygen. Thank you for sharing your touching story. Evelyn