Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kiera had the most fun at the zoo today!

I just wanted to chime in quickly. We took Kiera to the zoo today, as we have done many times before, but today she really seemed a bit more engaged. Of course, her favorite thing to look at is the fencing and rocks rather than the animals. She has been watching her zoo signing video, so many things were more noticeable for her. She absolutely LOVED the seals and sea lions; although as my sister said, watching them is really not much different than watching TV. I signed seal and made barking sounds, and she laughed and laughed. The other new activity for her was the fountain park. I don't really know what to call it, but there is a grated platform with random water sprays that cycle. The observant parent of a trached child can direct said child so as not to stand directly over a spout. Kiera LOVED watching the other kids get soaked and play. We let her walk on the grating and get a little sprayed while being vigilant to not let her get water in her trach. She did very well. She clearly saw herself as one of the children and wanted to do what they were doing. It was wonderful! She signed that she had "fun." Definitely a do-again. We have a water park (small splash type) near us, and I may go check it out to see what she thinks.

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