Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st 30 minutes on a trach collar! No Vent!

Yesterday Kiera got to try her first 30 minutes off the vent! I will upload pictures later (as you see now is later). She maintained O2 SAT's of about 93 on 3 liters of O2 flow with the trach collar. The unfortunate thing is that the humidity machine that accompanies the trach collar is actually less portable than the vent with no internal battery and a short "leash." The trial worked out well while watching Blue's Clues or coloring. I have to ask our doc or RT if it is okay to get longer circuitry (tubes) to give her more mobility. I also need to see if there is other equipment they didn't send us like HME's to put on the passy muir valve sp she can walk around with just the HME and O2 tubing. This is an exciting first step(or 101st depending on your perspective) toward getting Kiera off her vent. She will be more exposed to getting sick because the O2 system is an open system rather than closed like the vent, so we will have to ask that visitors this winter have had flu shots and wash hands religiously (not just on Christmas and Easter).


K said...

Go Kiera!!

I can't tell you how disappointed I was when the RT hauled out that compressor for the mist collar. No vent is supposed to be more portable, not less! They finally gave us a bunch of HMEs with oxygen ports and they are amazing. Pretty much like having a baby with just a nasal cannula. Hopefully they'll get you some soon and Kiera will like them -- we haven't touched the mist since the day they brought it over.

Rain said...

Hi! My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and just came off her vent this past August. She uses an HME with an oxygen port. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. I'm on facebook Lorraine Vance and you will see pics of Brooklyn. Also I'm on myspace at

Friend me on facebook if you can I'd love to keep up with you guys and maybe our daughters can meet someday that would be awesome since they have so much in common. I thought we were in the hosp for a long time with our 445 nicu days and 45 picu days, but you guys win on that one. Good luck with everything!!!