Saturday, December 18, 2010

Second non fever related Seizure

Not much to say except last night Kiera had her second seizure without a fever to trigger it. From the two she has had, there are a few patterns. She has had them about 10 minutes after falling asleep. Both days seemed to be days that she was particularly sensitive to auditory stimuli, crying at the sound of her story reader. She had an ear infection when we went in for the October seizure. She has just gotten over a cold this week. Maybe we need to take her in and see if she has another ear infection? She seems fine though. The most striking similarity between the two events is that both days I had just finished explaining to a family member (first Jer's sister and this time my mother) that taking Kiera on vacations still seems a bit unrealistic. Hmmm...God likes to help me re-enforce that position.

Everything went okay. We successfully administered the rectal valium, and she came out of it about 10 minutes after meds were administered. The weird thing is that I was holding her while she was sleeping and didn't notice the seizure right away. My guess is that it lasted about 20-25 minutes, but she may have been seizing 5-10 minutes before we detected it. I heard her lips smacking but couldn't see her face the way I was holding her and thought she was sleep sucking a paci. Then I felt drool on my arm and still thought she was just really soundly asleep and drooling. When I went to put her down to go wipe my arm off, I finally realized she was mid-seizure. It didn't seem quite as severe as the last one. She wasn't as stiff or single point fixated, but it certainly was nerve wracking and left me with seizure dreams all night. I keep worrying that maybe she has had them in the middle of the night without bei
ng detected. We will still have to call neuro and see where we go from here.

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