Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baking Christmas Cookies with Mommy

Kiera often seems so young since she is a bit different socially than other 4 year olds and signs instead of speaking. It's easy to keep thinking of her as a baby. However, today she seemed so "little girlish." I was baking Christmas cookies and started with a batch of ginger snaps. I rolled them into balls and rolled them in the sugar and then showed Kiera how to smash them with the bottom of a plastic baby bottle. I only had to show her once, and she immediately took the bottle and repeated the skill on all the other cookies. A few times she turned the bottle over and used the open end which cut the cookies. I think she actually did that on purpose because it amused her. I think she did a pretty good job...don't you? I had to do very little repair. Most cookies were baked as smashed by Kiera.

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Xochil M said...

Oh so cute. She is growing up... She's Beautful little girl. God bless you and your family!