Thursday, June 2, 2011


Okay, I know I've been quiet in this forum, but life has pretty much been routine for a little while. We are still waiting with bated breath for respiratory counts in the PICU to decrease enough that we can get Kiera in for an elective bronchoscopy and start looking at procedures for possible decanulation. Things may step up in activity soon.

The BIG news is...Kiera signed potty and went #2 in the potty for the first time ever! (Yes, I realize she will be 5 in August). I don't know how consistent this will be, but it's certainly a first step.


Sarah said...

Wait - last post was no vent and now she's in the PICU? What happened?

Kiera Rose said...

She's not in the PICU. She is at home and doing fine. She needs to schedule an ELECTIVE bronchoscopy to see if her airway is ready to get the trach removed, but they would need to admit her and don't want to if there are lots of sick kids inpatient.

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

Great news on the potty! Hope all goes well with the bronchoscopy!