Monday, March 19, 2007


This is a blog for the friends and family for Kiera Rose Wright, to keep you up to date on how she is doing. It will be easier to update, we can include pics faster than just e-mailing them out. We'll try to update once a week at least.

The pic to the right is from last August 2006, when Kiera was about 2 weeks old.

This pic is from February 2007. Our Michellin Girl has gotten a bit bigger!

Here's the news since the last e-mail: Kiera was 7 months old last Monday 3/12. Kiera was scheduled for her cardiac catheter last Friday 3/16. After 4 hours of waiting, the doctors came back to the room with Kiera and had been unable to find a vein for the catheter insertion. They are contemplating having a different heart surgeon try again this Friday 3/23, and depending on the results, we may still be looking at a transfer to another hospital. We will know more later this week. Kiera has been weened off her Nitric Oxide since Sunday. So far she is doing okay without it. She did have an irregular EKG this week and they will be watching it for the next 3 days.

She is getting full feedings of Neocate formula because it is easier for her to process than the carbs and lactose in breast milk right now. Sooo, I am storing breastmilk in our freezer for later.

She is getting Occupational Therapy again and handling it fairly well. She has some delays that were not there before her pulmonary episode and drug induced coma. She has lost her suck reflex and a tongue reflex but it will hopefully come back with practice. Her eyes wander a little when she is tired, but it may be the drugs she is still on affecting her eye muscles.

She has been laughing with mommy and daddy this week. Although she doesn't make sound because of her trach tube interferring with her vocal chords, you can see her laugh, and she laughs whenever daddy and I laugh with her. It's incredibly cute although tricky to catch on film.

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted.

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