Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kiera has a new trick: she pretends to be asleep. I'm not sure if she thinks we'll leave her alone when she does this or if she's playing. She's been caught peeking when I turn away and then shuts her eyes when I look back at her. Hmmm.

Kiera's tummy isn't quite working properly right now. She's having reflux problems and being fed through a tube through her nose into her intestines instead of her g-tube into her stomach. Her pulmonologist is still cautiously optimistic about her outcome given the info from the heart catheter. She is still very sick and fragile, and we must pray for no pneumonias which would set her back. We are in a wean and wait mode in which we try to wean some of her support and see how she does. She is still on pretty high settings on her ventilator and must get much lower before she can transition to a home ventilator and work towards coming home on equipment. The doctors have prepared us that it may very well be Kiera's first birthday (in August) before she comes home.

By the way, Kiera is 13 lbs 5 oz now. She's always hot, so half the time I visit her, they have her in just a diaper, which drives me crazy since she has such a great assortment of cute clothes to outgrow. I feel like I'm missing out on her baby time.


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