Friday, March 23, 2007

A Really Good Day

Kiera went in this afternoon for a second crack at her heart catheterization. They "float" a sensor into her heart to measure the pressures in individual chambers and the arteries and veins surrounding the heart. She had no issues for the procedure The pressures in her heart are still a bit higher than normal, but nothing like the rates that she had a month ago. Her arteries to the lungs were showing pressure almost twice as high as they should be, but her heart doctor assured us that this is not at a dangerous level.

Second good news is that the veins into her lungs were looking normal, healthy, and had a good blood flow. Hurrah! She still has chronic lung disease, but hopefully, with time, her lungs will grow stronger and new alvioli. We will probably have to wait until next week to talk to her lung doctor to see what this means for her long-term outcome (he wasn't around to give his opinion).


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