Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some Leaps and Delays...

Well, Kiera has had a bumpy week. Last Tuesday, June 5th, she was put on the LTV and lasted till Thursday when she got very sick and had to go back on the hospital vent and underwent a 5 day course of steroids and antibiotics. It was doubly dissappointing because we had expected to take her outside for the first time to Rachel's Courtyard, the outdoor playground on the pediatric floor, and arrived at the hospital for her outdoor trip to find her very sick. That was the rough part of the week.

Along with her really bad week, she has had one of her best weeks developmentally! She has been ALL SMILES! Plus, she has been playing peek-a-boo ON PURPOSE! You really have to see it! She turns her head to the side to look away from me while I say, "Where's Kiera?" Then she looks back at me really fast and laughs when I say "There she is!" It is SOOOO CUTE! She is also finally reaching for her mobile after 8 months of just looking at it. She plays with her toys more actively, kicks more, and has been passing her keys from hand to hand. She is also getting better at sucking her paci and keeping it in her mouth by herself. She has really made great strides! She turned 10 months Tuesday (7 months adjusted age).

This last week has set her back on her discharge date, however. We are still looking at July but later in the month. I am still hoping for her party to be on track for August 4th for those of you out of towners who'd like to come. More soon!


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