Saturday, June 2, 2007

Some missed updates...

Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks. The end of school with the kids and life in general have just been running me through the wringer. I guess I failed to mention after the "Date" posting that Kiera only lasted one day on the home vent and was put back on the hospital vent. There was some disagreement between the docs as to whether it was her vent or her drugs, but Kiera had 6 of her heart spells in one day on the day they tried her on the LTV so they took her off. They sent the LTV (home vent) to get a tune up in San Diego in case the problem was with the equipment itself bringing their LTV count from 2 to 1. We are supposedly still on track for July 9th. We are waiting for another child to be discharged this week so he will give up the 1 LTV that he is using and give Kiera a try again. Noteably, she has only had 2 significant spells on May 15th while on the hospital vent, and she stopped the drug in question on May 17th and has had no more big spells (ie. that required bagging).

She is on half n half, breast milk and neocate formula, until we run out of frozen breast milk in the next few weeks. She's 15lbs 3oz now and hanging tough. As long as we get her home by July 9th, I am considering having a homecoming/baptism/early 1st birthday party all in one on either Saturday July 21 or Saturday Aug 4th. I will be consulting some out of town family members to see which is better for them before I schedule it. Keep praying that we stay on track and get her home in July! By the way, Kiera received some beautiful red mylar balloons from my friend Kim yesterday, and she LOVES them. She had a balloon once before and reacted the same. She's our balloon girl.


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