Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You gotta be fast in posting or else...

Hi all! I've realized that if I don't post the MINUTE something good happens with Kiera, that it will most definitely be upstaged by something not so good.

Good Stuff from Tuesday 6/19: Kiera was put on the home vent once again on Monday 6/18 and got to take her VERY FIRST trip OUTSIDE today (to Rachel's Courtyard, the 6th floor outdoor playground, the view from which is the freeway.) We stayed outside for about 30 minutes. She wasn't feeling very well and was less than smiley; however, she did seem a little curious about her surroundings, the EXTEME HEAT (95 degrees!), warm breeze, and enjoyed the ride in the stroller. She does NOT care for getting in and out of the car seat. I've posted some photos. The other 2 pics with the bow in her hair are from Father's Day. She LOVES Mylar balloons!

Not so good stuff from today, Wednesday 6/20: Apparently Kiera's bout of "not feeling very well" yesterday turned into a pretty serious pneumonia for which she is being treated today by antibiotics and has been put back on the hospital ventilator. She had a fever in upwards of 104 and experienced some febrial seizures which they followed with an EEG. We will have to see where this illness takes us. We may still be able to get her home by the end of July. Say your prayers.

Jerry and I have ventilator training tomorrow at the medical supply rental company. We are getting pretty deft at handling Kiera's advanced medical needs.



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