Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kiera's got a new room, a new trach, and another tooth...

Kiera has had an up and down week this week. She spent Sun, Mon, and Tues pretty sick and has been better Wed and Thurs. She is scheduled to have her longer trach put in during a brochoscopy tomorrow(Friday) in her room. It will bypass her false airway and hopefully better direct her ventilation and treatments to her lungs. We hope it will make a difference for her. Then this weekend the pulmonologist will try her on the home vent again. We also had her moved to the big corner room with the windows today. (Opportunity Knocked) Now she can see outside, and it's much brighter. I hope she likes it.

Her fourth tooth is in, the bottom left incisor. She has two more ready to come in, the upper left canine and the lower right incisor. Then it seems she might have a teething break for a little while.

She has been rolling a bit more, finally, and trying to sit up by pulling herself up with her tummy muscles. It looks kind of like tummy crunches. She likes sitting, but so far has had to be placed in a sitting position and propped or supported a little. She is becoming more independent about doing what "she wants" when she wants. She is also growing a few tufts of longer blonde hair (mostly in back).


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