Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two more teeth...

Kiera has two more teeth, on top, as of the 15th. Her two bottom incisors are threatening but taking their own sweet time. Kiera has come to appreciate Orajel. She opens wide for it.

Most of this week has not been incredibly news worthy. Kiera had a bronchoscopy with the ENT surgeon and they have ordered a longer trach for her. They have made CD's of all her bronchosopy tapes (I think she's had 4) and are mailing them to Cincinnati (sp? haven't had my coffee) Children's Hospital which is a center of excellence for airway issues. Dr. Kanamori (the ENT surgeon) will be attending a conference there Sept. 14th and will be getting their input regarding surgical options for Kiera. In the meantime we will try to bypass her bronchus suis with the longer trach and see how that helps. She is also scheduled for a more in depth brochoscopy under anesthesia in the O.R. this coming Friday afternoon, although they hope to bump it to Wednesday morning.

So, we've had some progress. We tried to put her back on the home vent last Monday, but she didn't tolerate it and was taken off after 15 minutes. We'll try again later. I would guess it might be after we get the longer trach. In case you're wondering, Kiera's homecoming is currently "on hold." Let's shoot for October.


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Suzanne Gonzalez said...

Hi guys,

OK, I published a comment earlier and now I don't see it. I am a rookie at this, maybe I put it in the blog down below. ??? I am going to be there the 7th, not the 12th like I have written before. Love, Sue