Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wakey, Wakey...

Here we go again. Kiera's day Monday was pretty scary for us and for the doctors, and we should just leave it at that. She has started the upward journey again. The doctors woke Kiera yesterday from her paralytics and have started weaning her sedatives. Her serratia infection seems to be calming down on her antibiotics.

Her pulmonologist has a theory regarding Kiera's false airway, previously referred to as a "pocket," which is technically called a bronchus suis. It is a very rare congenital problem of her airway that often goes undetected and doesn't cause problems. However, in her case, he thinks it may be harbouring her chiracia bacteria and contributing to her recurring infections. Also, it may be a cause for her ventilation issues by detouring her treatments and requiring more pressure to ventilate her. She will be undergoing another bronchoscopy to inspect the bronchus on Friday and measure for a custom trach tube that would bypass the bronchus suis and de facto quarantine anything hanging out in there. The drawback to such a move is that we will have to go to the hospital once a week for her trach change under a bronchoscope rather than being able to change it ourselves at home. The bright side is that this may temporarily solve her breathing challenges and help us get her home. Surgery to close it is not feasible for her at this time, but may be required in the future.

As is her norm (when awake), she's all smiles this week and happy to play and dance.


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