Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad Day Update

Not a good day. Kiera had a pretty bad episode today. Yesterday she was pretty good, and we read Little Mermaid and played with her balloon and mobile. Today she took a complete turn with her left lung pretty collapsed. The nurse bagged her(manually gave breaths off the ventilator) for approximately 3 hours which actually helped inflate her lung better. She was extremely acidotic with her CO2 count off the charts of what the can read, higher than it has EVER been. She is now paralyzed and sedated (yet again) in an induced coma. Her doctors spent the whole day with her, and her primary intensivist even came in on her day off. We left tonight to go to dinner around 7 ish, and she had stabilized a little but is being left on 100% oxygen and a ventilator rate of 70 overnight, at least. Then tomorrow they will try to wean her oxygen levels and see how her SAT's react.

To say that the day has been bad is an understatement. I think I had a nervous breakdown today, or as close to one as I can imagine. I spent most of the day crying. I don't know what is next for Kiera. We may be getting closer to having to make a lung transplant decision or maybe this was just a bad episode. As it is, she's not even well enough to transport if we had to go to Houston for a transplant. It's just not fair.


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