Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kiera's awake...yeah!

Kiera's paralytic was lifted Sunday. She got to be awake for Grandpa Wright before he went home but missed seeing Uncle Chris. She was in her medical coma the whole time Uncle Chris was here.

She is recovering fairly well from her coma. Her vent rate is back down to 45 with 60% oxygen. Her tributaline drip was stopped yesterday and since then she has had 3 morphine nebulizers because of respiratory episodes. This morning and this afternoon she had spells of bradychardia and had to be bagged a bit. This afternoon I was with Kiera during her spell and she was difficult to bring back up(i.e. heartrate stayed in low 70's for a few minutes). I started singing our lullaby and arched her neck over my arm and she focused on me and started coming back up.

The rest of the day was great. She played and laughed. She does get tuckered out (kind of winded) after about 5 minutes of playing and has to lay back and rest but then gets right back to playtime. She loves watching her paper butterfly mobile from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Dathan while she's resting.


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Jean said...

Therese, Jerry, Kiera, Zane and Mitch..You are an amazing family and the strength that you've demonstrated is an example to all. I'm praying for complete healing for my beautiful niece and strength for you both as parents. May you feel his presence and peace during this trial. Thank you for the updates and pictures. Kiera looks like such a happy baby.
Love Jean