Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be our Valentine!

Kiss, Kiss Daddy!

Practice your princess wave, Kiera.


Bath Time and Trach care

Kiera fine tunes her pirate face with her "peeps" during her "field trip" back to the hospital at the end of January.

Kiera and I had a busy morning getting her bathed, trach care done, meds delivered etc. so we could get her dressed for her Valentine (Daddy). I am posting "pirate face" pics from today and from 2 weeks ago in the hospital. She is starting to do the face on command so it is easier to catch on film. She has a few games that we play that she has begun to initiate. When she wants to play "Where's Kiera" she pushes on your cheek to push your face away. When she sits up on your lap and then flings her head back into your shoulder she wants to play "Forwards,Backwards." She also likes to exchange pirate faces and makes the face to get us to play with her and make them back. During her baths this week she has been sitting up and playing more, and seems to enjoy bathtime. We have been a bit short on nursing this week, (shorter than usual) so Jer and I are exhausted, especially with her Neb schedule being every 4 hours. All in all, we are doing pretty well.

I have planned a Baptism for Kiera on March 1st to complete her sacrament. We had her baptized emergently in the hospital last February when she was in her coma with just Jer and I and the priest, so this is really just to have the formal ceremony, and a chance to celebrate her homecoming finally. It will just be family. I would love to invite everyone, but I still have to try to keep Kiera as sheltered as possible from exposure to viruses and whatnot, so I am limiting the people. Even with family that have said they are coming and her godparents, we are at 18, and I am nervous. :)

Have a great holiday! Hold your loved ones close.



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Sarah said...

She looks great!

To answer your question about Medicaid, we live in Illinois and Medicaid isn't offered in Illinois. We have a program called All Kidz, which we don't qualify for either because of our income. Right now the DSCC (Division of Specialized Care for Children) is in the process of trying to get us care under the Katie Beckett waiver, which would qualify us for respite, nursing and a medical card. Next Tuesday is our home evaluation and ISP and then we can still be rejected. It won't be so bad in the spring because our quarantine will be lifted then and we can get out of the house on occasion, and if we don't qualify under the waiver, Emery has a urinary tract disorder that will likely qualify us for some care but we're still cutting through all of that red tape! Fun Fun :)

I love the pirate face. It's hilarious!!