Friday, February 1, 2008

Kiera is So Funny!

Well, Kiera is definitely feeling better. She is back on the LTV at a rate of 28 and about 35% oxygen. She is still getting her albuterol nebulizers every 3 hours and mucomyst every 6 hours. Hopefully that will be weaned a bit before she comes home. Dr. Glasser wants to watch Kiera at least 24 hours after her steroids stop which will stop on Saturday, so we might be looking at Monday to come home.

Yesterday Kiera was cracking Jerry and I up! She has started making this face when she smiles that I think looks like a pirate. She squints her eyes, but mostly crinkles up the right side of her face which also enhances her dimples and shows her teeth. It's hilarious, and I think she knows it, because she keeps doing it when I laugh. I tried to catch it on my camera phone and got an okay pic of it, but the best ones came out blurry. I don't know how to download the phone pics, but I'll try to catch the elusive Kiera pirate on my digital camera today. I did have to wonder though, if this smile is genetic. I came home and looked at a pic we have of Jer Sr., and he seems to be squinting his right eye more than his left. Hmm...maybe Grandpa was a pirate in another life. :)


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