Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kiera Rose's Big Adventure

Today we flew the coop! Kiera finally got to go outside ... not at the hospital, and not doctor appointment related! Yeah! We had a wonderful little family outing to the park today. There was a nice window where the weather was beautiful, not cold, not windy, etc. so we pimped Kiera's ride and took a stroll. Kiera rode in her stroller like a queen purveying all that is hers. She looked so important. :) She's been into kicking a lot more lately, and she kept kicking the foot rest on the stroller as if to command, "Giddy Up, Daddy!" She just needs some spurs. She wasn't big on the sun in her eyes, although she seemed to enjoy it even in the discomfort it caused because it was different.
The park is set up so conveniently for our needs. There is a padded walkway to the baby swing and one to the slide so we can wheel the stroller with the equipment up to it without having to get on the sand. Who'd have thunk that that would be so important for a special needs baby? Kiera LOVED the swing! She laughed and watched another little girl swing near her. It was so much fun to finally do something NORMAL. I can't help but remember that this time last year Kiera was in a coma with a 30% chance of survival. Just look at her now! God apparently never took a statistics class. :)
Of course, when we returned home, we bathed her and did her regular Sunday trach change so we feel like we were as careful as we could be about germs without being hypochondriacs. Besides, the swings are in the sun all day which kills most bacteria. Enjoy the pics. I can't wait till it's warmer, and we can take her to the zoo!




Sarah said...

How much does she weigh now? I swear, she looks huge!

PS: I can't wait for the zoo, either!

carlys life said...

awww kiera is sooo cute!!!! id love it if you left me a message in my blogger!!!

JoAnne T said...

Hi Therese! Its Jaden's mom, JoAnne, your fellow PICU mommy. I am sooooo happy to see the pictures of Kiera looking amazing. What a beautiful girl!!! You dont know how warm it makes me feel knowing she is home and thriving! Jaden is doing well and growing like crazy. Email me if you have time at Take care and enjoy your beautiful family!!!!!! Love, JoAnne

Angela said...

Hi Therese!
I got a new computer and signed up for the blog. Let's see if this works. It was so great to see Kiera's pics! And on a swing! OUTSIDE! I have tears of joy in my eyes because it seems so long in the making of just an ordinary outing on a Sunday! I can't tell you how impressed I am with your ability to roll with whatever comes at you. I'm sure when you're in the middle of things it doesn't feel that way, but you don't stay with the "bad" you always spin it to things are good if not wonderful . Way to go!

Kiera Rose said...

Kiera is 22 lbs. 11 oz and 30 inches long. She just started a steroid yesterday, so I hope she doesn't get too puffy...she needs to get longer.