Friday, March 21, 2008

First Trip to the Rio Grande Zoo!

This picture makes me think we need a name for the ventilator. It seems to be the 6th member of our family and at the center of every portrait. What about "Vicki?" "Vanessa?" :)

We had such fun on our family trip to the zoo! Of course, Kiera was, in the paraphrased words of Dr. Glasser, "wildly dissappointed to discover that giraffes are not neon pink, blue, and orange, with fringe on their ankles" like her stuffed giraffe toy. It was difficult to find a window where Kiera would be awake, off feeds, and not need too many meds. Our 9am goal turned into 10:30 in the morning and pushed into her nap time a bit, so she wasn't as cheery as her afternoon mood can be, but I think she had fun. She actually liked watching her brothers and one of our NICU friends' baby instead, and she continuously searched for Mommy and Daddy.

The trip was a great success, and now we have our family pass renewed so we can go any time we want all year long, and we get in free to the Zoo and the BioPark and Aquarium.

Have a Happy Easter!



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