Friday, March 21, 2008

Kiera Playing Ball with Mitch

Kiera loves the physical humor of other people, namely her family members, getting "bonked" on the head with a ball or ballon. She was laughing so much at Mitch. She loves watching her brothers tool around the house and enjoys the family interaction. She's able to hold a sitting position indefinitely now, although she still needs one of us to place her in that position to begin with.

Kiera's respiratory situation seems better than last month. I don't want to exaggerate. She still has "veklhempt" moments and needs bagging every now and then, but she is doing well overall, I think. We're still on 4 hour Nebulizers We have done her last two trach changes in the doctor's office and have been signed off to do them at home again. She is on 3 liters of O2 - approximately what she initially came home on. She is still on steroid therapy since Feb 26th and will be weaned off by March 31st, so she is VERY puffy from water retention which is a side effect of the steroids. It should come down has she comes off the drug, so don't get used to her crazy chubby cheeks. No... we are not overfeeding her.

I will be adding a post from our Zoo trip today shortly after this one. I downloaded my camera data all at once, so there is lots to report.

Have a Happy Easter!



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