Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Isn't this reminiscent of the monkeys...Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil...?

What a busy weekend doing "normal family" stuff! We are wiped out! It certainly is a lot of work taking Kiera places that other babies go and still managing to fit in all her medications and pump feedings, not to mention her ALL IMPORTANT 12-3PM NAP! She can't go without it, and has not proven to be able to sleep in the stroller, car seat, or on Grandma's floor.

We spent Saturday afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa's for an early Easter celebration and egg hunt because other family members had other obligations on Easter Sunday and wouldn't be able to come. It was fun, although Kiera never got down for her nap, and crashed the minute her head hit the pack 'n play when we got home around 5:30. Next time, we will have to add the pack n play to our plethora of medical supplies (if there's room in the car).
Daddy and I took her to the Aquarium on Sunday. I think her favorite was the sea turtle in the big tank with the sharks. After seeing the fish, we spent a little bit of time in the Biopark on the grass. It was a perfectly lovely afternoon.
Today was a lazy day at home to recooperate which will be followed by a morning at the hospital for doctor's visits tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures!



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Sarah said...

I love the video of her laughing. She looks so happy. I understand about the nap, too. Emery can only sleep in his crib. We're going to get a pack-n-play this weekend to see how that works.

I hope all of your doctor's appointments go well.

Oh, I forgot, I belong to a preemie group called Preemie Blog Moms, here's the address:

if you want to joint. It's a great bunch of women. There is a woman there who had a trached baby. She's decanulated now. Anyway, if you're interested, c'mon over. You'll be able to talk to other preemie moms who have a lot of the same issues as you, and they are great for support.