Monday, June 23, 2008

Belated Father's Day...First One at Home!

So we celebrated Father's Day yesterday a week (and a year late) with a "redneck pool party." Last week and last year we were still hospitalized. :) What a giant step from Kiera's first time outside EVER on 6/19/07 last year in the play area at the hospital, to her first time in a kiddie pool in our backyard a year later on 6/22/08. I surprised my hubby and stepsons with a "redneck pool" according to hubby. It's just 12 ft wide by 30 in deep, but it was 102 degrees out, on sale, and I was weak! :) Then I set Kiera's kiddie pool up next to it and just filled it a little. She loved it and enjoyed watching the big boys splash in the big pool. Thankfully it wasn't too hot yesterday. The rain Saturday cooled things off a bit, so it was perfect. Excuse Kiera's "trashy" bikini. She currently wears size 2-3T on top, but I bought this 12mos size suit on sale while she was still iddy biddy to fit LAST summer presuming she would have been home. The bottoms still fit, but clearly Kiera is a "brick house" and needs more room on top. :) So she wore it once, we have a picture, and from now on she'll probably just "swim" in bottoms and a t-shirt since all she does is sit, splash, and play ball anyway.

I know...I know... she just had terrible pneumonia last weak, but the antibiotics seemed to really do the trick. There's no sense in wasting wellness time inside. Jer said to mention that swimming in iddy biddy bikinis is not how Kiera caught strep. :)
We also took her out on our upstairs patio for a cook out for the first time. I think she enjoyed the breeze and the view. The nice thing is that with our 50 foot O2 tubing, we could use the house oxygen for both the back yard pool and the upstairs patio so we didn't have to mess with the portable tank or waste O2 in filling it.
Oh...and no suctioning last night between 11pm and 5 am nebulizers! Yeah! Too bad, we didn't go to sleep till 1am. The Nasa 3-part miniseries "When We Left Earth" has really sucked us in. I think Kiera could be an astronaut...she already does well breathing with machines! She just probably can't be the pilot since they have to have perfect eyesight.


Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

Kiera looks like she is having a ball! I'm so glad to hear that she is home agian.

Katie said...

Too cute! I'm glad she's home!

BusyLizzyMom said...

Too cute. She looks so happy in her pool.

Dave and Marnie said...

Therese, my mom always forwards on entries and keeps us up to date on Kiera's progress. She is looking so cute and I am glad she is home again. I must say, I truly admire how strong you are and all that you do to care for her while always remaining so positive! And to throw a pool party amidst it all - Kiera is lucky to have such a great mom!