Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kiera is Back at Home!!!!

Yippee! We gave Kiera her last dose of I.V. antibiotics, removed her central line, and sprung her from the joint! She was SOOOO excited when she saw all 4 of us come in today and definitely knew what was up when we started packing. This is great timing because we had already planned to celebrate a delayed Father's Day tomorrow with ALL the kids. Now we don't have to do it at the hospital. Daddy zoomed Kiera around in her stroller and she loved the car ride. Poor thing has been bored out of her mind in her hospital bed and was happy to take a nap in her pack 'n play and play on the floor at home this afternoon. We have some significant changes to work with on her meds and ventilator settings, but she seems back to her base line. We met some new friends in the PICU who maybe needed to meet us too, so all in all the 2 weeks of re-hospitalization, though anxiety inducing, gave us a chance to regroup and hopefully served a larger purpose in the grand scheme of things. I have to say that while repeatedly waiting to take a baby home from the hospital has given me a sense of Zen about waiting in line at the post office and grocery stores, it was difficult to stay patient in line at Albertson's this morning while the lady in front of me took probably 10 minutes to write a check and chit chat (while not writing) about her preference for checks over debit cards while my ice cream was melting and all I needed to do was get it home, put groceries away, and load up the car to go spring my baby. :) I guess next time I "chit chat" in line somewhere I'll try to remember that the person behind me might be on the way to the hospital. :)



Emily said...

Reading this just made my day. I'm so glad to hear you guys have left the hospital!

Sarah said...

YAY! I'm so happy she's home! I actually wanted to email you today if there wasn't an update haha!