Monday, June 16, 2008

Kiera signed "Daddy" for Father's Day!

Kiera is improving now that she has a central line in and 5 days worth of antibiotics. She was zipping through I.V.'s left and right and definitely needed something more effective. Her veins are shot after almost 2 years of needle pokes. We had her up in the walker for about an hour yesterday, and she was finally smiling and playing again. I picked her up a book at a garage sale last week..."Peek-a-moo." The characters have flaps to cover their eyes that you pull down to see their faces. Anyway, the last page is a baby, and Kiera was making herself laugh. She'd pull the flap down and giggle when she saw the baby's face. She kept doing it over and over. You could definitely tell she "gets it."

She's been watching her "Signing Time" videos intently, and we've been trying to get her to sign "mommy" and "daddy" for maybe a year. She has clearly understood the signs, but has wanted to do them by grabbing my hand and putting it on her chin or forehead respectively. So Saturday I noticed her tapping her head, more like the sign for "hat," when I said Daddy. On Father's Day, we went in to the hospital after work, and Jer had been napping on the couch behind Kiera's crib. Kiera and I were "talking," and Jer piped in just after waking up. Kiera clearly looked behind her toward him and patted her head in response to hearing his voice. Then she migrated her thumb toward the middle of her forehead with her pointer finger sticking up! Well, of course, she is a genius. ;)

It looks like we will probably be in the hospital another week to finish up antibiotics and get her back on the LTV, but I still have to confirm a plan with the pulmonologist. She is definitely much improved from Friday. Friday she looked as sick as she'd ever been, and it was a flash back to times we'd rather forget. It was good to see her getting back to "normal."


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