Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kiera is REALLY Crawling!

So I know I mentioned Kiera's crawling before, but she has definitely stepped it up as a mode of transportation. She has discovered that she is not bound by the blanketed play area we have set up for her. Dang! I should have installed that electric fence! What was I thinking? Today I was on the phone, and she was playing by the fireplace. I looked away, and suddenly she was next to me by the computer chair and at her "rope limit." By "rope limit" I refer to her ventilator circuits being stretched to their max and am reminded of the old Foghorn Leghorn skit where the dog is tied up and Foghorn Leghorn has a sign and line in the sand marking the "rope limit" where he stands just beyond and smacks the dog with a paddle leaving him no option for retaliation. So Kiera's exploring required 3 ventilator relocations, and I, as her minion, live to serve. She finally ended up next to the bar across the room to play with her travel ventilator which was charging there on the floor. I guess, with another year potentially left on the ventilator, I should be prepared to be Kiera's ventilator butler for quite some time.



Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS! - And - I'm sorry. I know it's great when they get mobile and then it sucks to chase them around :)

Have you looked into a vent cart for the house? It can actually help her to walk at some point as well. It looks like a little grocery cart.

Anyway, way to go Kiera!

Kiera Rose said...

Sarah, where do you get them? She has a vent stand, but the stand itself is heavy. We have a microwave cart we put other supplies on, but it's pretty big to imagine her pushing. Is it something I can order through Apria? She is standing with support
and starting to cruise along the coffee table.