Friday, August 22, 2008

Kiera's social visit to the hospital today...

Yay! Kiera has a new cousin who was born last night! We went to visit him today in the hospital, and Kiera was so cute with him. She was really fascinated by him. The minute she saw him, she signed, "baby," and smiled big. We let her touch him, and she touched his face gently. Then when my mother was holding him, I had her stand next to Grandma, and she was tugging at his blanket to try to touch him. It was, yet again, weird to see her as the BIG baby.

Then we stopped by PICU to visit. It's on the same floor as mother/baby on the opposite side of the elevator. She enjoyed seeing everyone, and they all loved seeing her; but after a few minutes she started getting visibly anxious. She had a look of concern on her face that I might admit her and leave her there. Poor baby. I bet she was glad when we went to the car, and she realized that the whole trip had been merely a social call with no needles or anything.


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