Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NEWSFLASH! Kiera is BIG! :)

We went to the nutritionist and feeding clinic yesterday. Kiera is 11.3 kg (about 25 lbs) and 32 inches long. She's in about the 25th percentile for her adjusted age of 21 months, but the 50th percentile for weight for her height. Her head circumference is still barely in the 5th percentile for her adjusted age, but at least it's on the chart now.

So we followed this visit by a stop at my friend's house who just had a baby about a month ago, full term, and on his due date. He's 10 lbs now. It was really funny seeing him next to Kiera. I held him for Kiera to "kiss the baby." He was so tiny compared to her. I have been thinking of Kiera as a "baby" for so long, especially since she's only been home 8 months and she only just started crawling and standing at the furniture, that it was weird to see her next to him as a toddler. I remember when she was finally 10 pounds. She was 6 months old, in a coma, and VERY PUFFY from steroids. She seemed a lot bigger in my memory than this little guy I held yesterday. It seems like such a lifetime since she was that 1 1/2 pounder.


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