Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day and Family Time

Mostly this post is just pictures from Father's Day and our brief visit from our California clan.It's been a fun week. Kiera got sick 2 Mondays ago and has completed a round the clock Ibuprofen and Tylenol for fevers, 7day steroid, 7day Tamaflu, 10 day inhaled Colistin, and 2 hours nebulizers treatment plan. We had taken her to church for the handicapped mass (about 20 people) where she licked a pew(I think it's spelled pough but that looked weird...bench) but I have a hard time believing she got sick that fast, less than 24 hours later. Who knows...gotta keep going forward. Anyway she is much better now. She really was quite well by Saturday prior to Father's Day and was back to 6 hour nebs at that point, so that is why we felt we could venture out to the botanical gardens and butterfly pavilion for Father's Day. So enjoy the pics and my witty captions.

"Cuddling" with Aunt Angela

Kiera meets her cousin (once cousin's baby) Jocelyn for the first time. She is tickeled. She just LOVES babies.

" have a paci too? Here...let me suck that for you."

"Mirror, mirror, on the door...mmm...this tastes good."

"Grandpa, you crack me up."

Daddy likes to toss Kiera around and make her laugh.

Kiera brings Jocelyn to the dark side. Both are entranced with Blue's Clues.

Hanging with her brothers.

Trying to get a cousins photo at the Botanical Gardens, but Uncle Matt's hat is calling to her.

Kiera loves watching the butterflies.

"I can walk myself." Kiera walked a good way at the botanical gardens, while holding my hand for support. She wants to be like all the other kids.

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Raising6inNM said...

We love the Botanic Gardens! I could wander for hours just looking at the plants, the kids of course love the butterflies and the giant ants & earthworms on the other side. Thanks for posting the pix, Therese!
P.S. You've inspired me to start a blog, raising6innm right here on blogspot, thanks!