Saturday, June 6, 2009

What Kiera does while I draw up morning meds

So I was busily drawing up Kiera's morning medicines at our wet bar/ oxygen bar with my back turned to Kiera as she was watching Blue's Clues. As many of you know, (especially my friend Bern) I like to re-use containers, and I have saved a few of these plastic Sherbet containers for storing blocks, scissors, crayons, etc. This particular container is used for Kiera's alphabet blocks. When I started with the meds, Kiera seemed to be playing with the blocks. When I turned around this was what I saw:

I was cracking up. She is (of course) staring at the TV, but she would routinely turn toward the glass door of the fireplace and pose for her reflection or pat her hat like so:

Kiera's fashon sense dictates that the bucket be worn askew. Clearly this is the most flattering and eye catching way to wear a Sherbet container/Hat.

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