Monday, June 1, 2009

Field Medicine

Kiera, the boys, and I trekked out to try a new park (new to us) today that has a mini-jungle gym for toddlers. I "cameled up" and carried the ventilator, SAT monitor and O2 tank onto the equipment while holding Kiera's hand and letting her walk. Kiera was having fun exploring the new surroundings. It all went pretty well (aside from the massage I'll need to recover from carrying the equipment) until Kiera stepped on her g-tube extender and popped her g-tube out while on the jungle gym. I had to DROP everything (literally the ventilator, o2 tank, and SAT monitor) to dig out a syringe (which I keep taped to the ventilator) to put the g-tube back in while on the play equipment. Talk about field medicine!

The cutest thing was while we were picnicing. The wind had kicked up a bit, and Kiera seems to REALLY LOVE the wind. She gets this estatic grin on her face and leans her head back to take it all in. It is quite the sight. She has also started an amusing habit when I give her snap peas (while I am eating them). She takes one, licks it, drops it, takes another, licks it, drops it...repeat. This can go on indefinitely. It's pretty funny. She also enjoys feeding me grapes...which makes one wonder if the origin of that tradition wasn't really a royalty thing but more a food aversion on the part of the grape feeders? :) Of course, I humored her and ate them.

P.S.- I have no idea what's going on with my fonts or spacing on this post. I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

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