Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted lately...and that hospitalization is the impetus.

Hey loyal blog followers. I apologize for the slacking in my posting lately. The holidays were so hectic combined with getting the first semester of teaching completed and grades posted. I didn't even feel like my 2 weeks off was much of a break when I was finished. I had probably the least amount of home nursing coverage over Christmas break than I have had in 2 years of being home with Kiera and very few nights, so I was exhausted by the time I had to go back to school. Then a very good friend lost her 29 yr old daughter around the 8th, and I went to be with her for the funeral. That was directly followed by me catching a nasty virus from the wee beasties I teach HmPV which is comparable to RSV. That was two weeks ago. I was sick for a week before giving it to Kiera and Jer, and Kiera is now in the PICU once again on the big ventilator. We admitted her last Saturday. I hope we can get her back up to snuff this week and get her home, though she is still on continuous albuterol nebs and steroids every 8hrs.

She is also very grumpy ('roid rage :) She really has a hard time being in the hospital these days, and it is so hard to leave her alone and miserable. Plus, since Jer has been sick and I am still coughing 2 weeks later, it is a little awkward visiting and trying not to get others sick. Getting a sub for my students is a hopeless task and really more work than just going to work, so I teach every day and go to the hospital at 3:30. Last night I was there till close to midnight. The night before I came home earlier around 7, but had to spend my evening till after midnight tutoring the 16yr old and getting him caught up on missing math homework so he would be ready for a test. I definitely feel pulled in ALL directions lately. I still need to get some office work done at the restaurant, but can't stand leaving Kiera alone at the hospital to go get it done.

Kiera is supposed to get a bronchoscopy once she is off continuous nebs. I think if I were to estimate, she may not come home till later in the week at best. I also lost my w-f nurse because she couldn't take the hit on her paycheck from Kiera's hospitalization so she took another patient. So in the midst of all of this I am also trying to find another nurse to cover those shifts so that Jer and I can get to work. The fun never ends. :)

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Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Kiera is back in the hospital. I hope she is home soon and that you can get some rest too.